Within These Walls

Within These Walls
Type TV Movie
MPAA Rating N/A
Runtime 2hr
Genres Drama
Keywords prison
Status Completed
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Ellen Burstyn Actor Joan Thomas 1 1000001
Laura Dern Actor Sister Pauline Quinn 1 1000002
LaTanya Richardson Actor Melinda Donovan 1 1000003
Maria Herrera Actor Leda Cervantes 1 1000004
Lucinda Davis Actor Eliza Egan 1 1000005
Karen Glave Actor Officer Byrd 1 1000006
Lynne Adams Actor Lori 1 1000007
Tony Calabretta Actor Kelly 1 1000008
Eve Crawford Actor Sister Catherine 1 1000009
Kristin Fairlee Actor Emily 1 1000010
Marium Carvell Actor Eliza's Mother 1 1000011
Walter Alza Actor Tito 1 1000012
Alison Darcy Actor Miranda 1 1000013
Danette MacKay Actor Emily's Mother 1 1000014
Tim Progosh Actor Emily's Father 1 1000015
Suzanna Lenir Actor Humane Society Volunteer 1 1000016
Ingrid Veninger Actor Prison Dealer 1 1000017
John MacLaren Actor Veterinarian 1 1000018
Ivan Smith Actor CRB Person 1 1000019
Ralph Allison Actor Mr Berenson 1 1000020
Amanda Walsh Actor Arielle 1 1000021
Una Kay Actor Sylvia 1 1000022
Charles Doucet Actor Guard 1 1000023
Greg Kramer Actor Dude 1 1000024
Anderson Chet Bradshaw Actor SWAT Cop 1 1000025
Bonnie Mak Actor Lazy Prisoner 1 1000026
Matthew Smiley Actor Romeo 1 1000027
Mike Robe Director n/a 2 2000001
Frank Von Zerneck Executive Producer n/a 174 3000001
Robert M. Sertner Executive Producer n/a 174 3000002
Ellen Burstyn Executive Producer n/a 174 3000003
Laurette Hayden Co-Executive Producer n/a 185 3000004
Randy Sutter Producer n/a 3 3000005
Robert J Avrech Producer n/a 3 3000006
Peter Sadowski Co-Producer n/a 170 3000007
Ted Babcock Co-Producer n/a 170 3000008
Robert J Avrech Screenplay n/a 120778 4000001
Daniel Auclair Unit Manager n/a 120832 5000001
Daniele Rohrbach Production Manager n/a 305 5000002
Richard Friedman Assistant Director n/a 163 5000003
Matthew Jemus Assistant Director n/a 163 5000004
Mona Medawar Script Supervisor n/a 191 5000005
Sylvie Boily Production Coordinator n/a 162 5000006
Paule Girardin Production Coordinator n/a 162 5000007
Thomas Burstyn Director of Photography n/a 120780 6000001
Alfonso Maiorana Camera Operator n/a 239 6000002
Francois Daignault Steadicam Operator n/a 232 6000003
Christopher Nelson Editor n/a 172 7000001
Jenna Nelson Assistant Editor n/a 203 7000002
Laura Karpman Music n/a 120781 8000001
Shannon Halwes Music Editor n/a 214 8000002
Terri Fricon Music Supervisor n/a 120872 8000003
Perri Gorrara Production Designer n/a 164 9000001
Camille Parent Set Decorator n/a 165 9000002
Susan Glicksman Casting n/a 179 10000001
Rosina Bucci Casting (Montreal) 179 10000002
Clare Walker Casting (Toronto) 179 10000003
Mario Davignon Costume Designer n/a 169 13000001
Michelle Cote Hair key hair 120794 13000002
Lana Sharpe Hair (Ellen Burstyn) 120794 13000003
Colleen Quinton Makeup key makeup 353 13000004
Nicole LaPierre Makeup (Ellen Burstyn) 353 13000005
Linda Melazzo Makeup (Laura Dern) 353 13000006
Ken Teaney Rerecording Mixer n/a 120856 14000001
Marshall Garlington Rerecording Mixer n/a 120856 14000002
Louis Marion Sound Mixer production sound mixer 230 14000003
Mike Graham Sound Supervisor n/a 120883 14000004
Mark Friesen Sound Supervisor n/a 120883 14000005
Kenneth Mackenzie Key Grip n/a 263 15000001
Pierre Rancourt Gaffer n/a 268 15000002
Marc Deourdy Stunt Coordinator n/a 120804 19000001
Raymond Ducasse Wrangler dog wrangler 121018 20000001
Josee Juteau Wrangler dog wrangler 121018 20000002
Horatio Leal Wrangler dog wrangler 121018 20000003
Dexter Rainville Wrangler dog wrangler 121018 20000004
Nancy Raposo Wrangler dog wrangler 121018 20000005
Sylvie Morin Wrangler dog wrangler 121018 20000006
Richard Carriere Property Master n/a 120805 24000001
Alyssa Taffet Publicity publicist(Lifetime) 120789 29000001
A television movie based on the true story of Sister Pauline Quinn, who created a prison program designed to help female convicts train dogs that are used to help the disabled. Joan Thomas has lived a hard life tangled with crime and drugs. When she lands in prison, she gives up hope of ever finding happiness. Convicted of murder and imprisoned for life, anyone's efforts to get close to Joan are spurned, including her estranged son's attempts to visit her. When Prison Supervisor Melinda Donovan agrees to allow a new program that trains dogs for the disabled to be brought into the prison, Sister Pauline Quinn, the head of the program, spots something special in Joan and tries to persuade her to join, but to no avail. When one of the inmates abuses the dog in her charge and is dropped from the program, Joan finally agrees to participate. Over time, Joan and Pauline develop a mutual admiration for each other and learn to cope with the demons of their pasts.<P>The unconditional love of the dogs profoundly affects the inmates. Caught in an inmate fight, Thomas is thrown out of the program by Supervisor Donovan, but Quinn pleads to have Thomas return and complete the training. Suddenly, a review board shuts the program down, devastating Quinn's hopes and wrecking weeks of hard work. For the first time in her life, Thomas seeks to help others by appealing to Donovan for a last chance to prove the program's worth -- with consequences even Quinn could not have imagined.