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On Cukor
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  • B.O. Analysis, Sept. 14: 'Burn After Reading' Is Coen Brothers' Biggest Opening Ever
    By: Steve Mason Sep 14, 2008

    As I first projected Friday night, the Coen Brothers have delivered their best opening weekend ever with the well-reviewed Burn After Reading (Focus).

  • B.O. Update: 'Burn After Reading' May Upset Perry's 'Preys' to Win
    By: Steve Mason Sep 13, 2008

    The weekend box office horserace is a photo finish between the brothers behind No Country for Old Men, Atlanta’s entrepreneurial Gospel-infused maverick and a couple of old guys mailing it in. And the winner appears to be The Coen Brothers and Burn After Reading (Focus), although it is very close, and I cannot rule out a win for Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys (Lionsgate).

  • B.O. Weekend Tracking: Perry's 'Family That Preys' Seems Headed to Win
    By: Steve Mason Sep 11, 2008

    Coming off of the worst weekend at the box office since September 2003, the movie business could use a needle of adrenaline to the heart (a la Uma Thurman in <em>Pulp Fiction</em>) and, although business will improve, there is probably no stealth blockbuster in the cards this weekend.

  • Keira Knightley in Talks to Star in 'My Fair Lady' Update
    By: Nancy Tartaglione-Vialatte Jun 06, 2008

    Keira Knightley is in talks to play Eliza Doolittle in a feature update of the classic musical My Fair Lady. The film is set to be produced by Duncan Kenworthy, who worked with Knightley on 2003’s Love Actually. London theater bigwig Cameron Mackintosh, who has produced two stage revivals of My Fair Lady, is also a producer.

  • 'Now, Voyager' Director Dies
    By: Fiona Ng Jul 31, 2001

    SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 29, 1999 -- Filmmaker Irving Rapper, one of the last survivors of Hollywood's golden era and the director of the 1942 Bette Davis Oscar-winning classic "Now, Voyager," died Dec. 20 at the Motion Picture and Television Fund home in Woodland Hills, Calif. He was 101.Best known for his professional alliance with Davis, Rapper first made his mark with the diva in the melodrama "Now, Voyager." Their collaboration continued throughout the 1940s and 1950s in three other films

  • ROLE CALL: Bad Boy Dylan McDermott
    By: Fiona Ng May 08, 2001

    HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 19, 2001 -- Looks like Dylan McDermott has had enough of playing good guys. "The Practice" star is in talks to star opposite Jennifer Lopez in the thriller "Enough," Daily Variety says. In the film, McDermott would play an abusive husband who pursues Lopez to the bitter end. PILLOW TALK: Emmy winner Allison Janney will join Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore in the drama "The Hour," Variety columnist Michael Fleming says. The film is based on Michael Cunningham's Puli

  • Julia Goes Spinning
    By: Fiona Ng Mar 19, 2001

    HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 10, 2000 -- Pretty woman Julia Roberts is certainly no stranger to revolution -- or shall we say Joe Roth's Revolution Studios. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the $20 million per pic starlet will lend her star power to the preliminarily titled "Project 3" for the titular studio. The project will reteam Roberts with "The Mexican" helmer Gore Verbinski, who became available after Leonardo DiCaprio dropped out of DreamWorks' "Catch Me If You Can," which he was set to direct. R

  • ROLE CALL: 'A Star Is Born' (Again)
    By: Chuck Walton Mar 19, 2001

    SANTA MONICA, Calif., March 9, 2000 -- The third time was apparently not charming enough for Oliver Stone. The filmmaker -- heretofore best known for blowing up stuff and shooting things in high-octane flicks like "Platoon," "JFK" and "Natural Born Killers" –- is looking to direct yet another version of the classic rags-to-riches/riches-to-rag Hollywood tale, "A Star Is Born," today's Hollywood Reporter says. So, what will make the fourth take on this romantic Tinseltown fable unique? Well, um,

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Angela Lansbury Actor Interviewee 1 1000004
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Patrick McGilligan Actor Interviewee 1 1000006
Gavin Lambert Actor Interviewee 1 1000007
Jeanine Basinger Actor Interviewee 1 1000008
Richard Schickel Actor Interviewee 1 1000009
David Denby Actor Interviewee 1 1000010
Fay Kanin Actor Interviewee 1 1000011
Signe Hasso Actor Interviewee 1 1000012
Claire Bloom Actor Interviewee 1 1000013
Tucker Fleming Actor Interviewee 1 1000014
Robert Wheaton Actor Interviewee 1 1000015
Walter Bernstein Actor Interviewee 1 1000016
Gene Allen Actor Interviewee 1 1000017
Richard Stanley Actor Interviewee 1 1000018
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Profile of director George Cukor (1899-1983). In 1939, Cukor suffered what many considered the largest setback in the history of Hollywood. After 18 days on the set, he was fired as director of "Gone With the Wind." Yet, despite being discharged from the biggest production the film industry had ever seen, Cukor triumphed over what might have been a career catastrophe. Over the next 40 years, he was responsible for dozens of Hollywood's most influential and beloved film, including "The Philadelphia Story" and "Adam's Rib."