Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days

Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days
Type TV Special
MPAA Rating N/A
Runtime 2hr
Genres Documentary
Keywords N/A
Status Completed
US Release Date
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Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Gene Allen Actor Interviewee 1 1000001
Steve Allen Actor Interviewee 1 1000002
Walter Bernstein Actor Interviewee 1 1000003
David Brown Actor Interviewee 1 1000004
Cyd Charisse Actor Interviewee 1 1000005
Hyman Engelberg Actor Interviewee 1 1000007
Richard Meryman Actor Interviewee 1 1000008
Evelyn Moriarty Actor Interviewee 1 1000009
Richard Raguse Actor Interviewee 1 1000010
Susan Strasberg Actor Interviewee 1 1000011
Henry Weinstein Actor Interviewee 1 1000012
Marilyn Monroe Actor Ellen Arden 1 1000013
Dean Martin Actor ("Something's Got to Give") 1 1000014
Tom Tryon Actor ("Something's Got to Give") 1 1000015
Alexandra Heilweil Actor ("Something's Got to Give") 1 1000016
Robert Christopher Morley Actor ("Something's Got to Give") 1 1000017
Wally Cox Actor ("Something's Got to Give") 1 1000018
Phil Silvers Actor ("Something's Got to Give") 1 1000019
John McGiver Actor ("Something's Got to Give") 1 1000020
Grady Sutton Actor ("Something's Got to Give") 1 1000021
Eloise Hardt Actor ("Something's Got to Give") 1 1000022
James Coburn Narrator Narration 120790 1000023
Patty Ivins Specht Director n/a 2 2000001
George Cukor Segment Director ("Something's Got to Give") 120884 2000002
Kevin Burns Executive Producer n/a 174 3000001
Michael D Stevens Producer supervising producer 3 3000002
Patty Ivins Specht Producer n/a 3 3000003
Henry Weinstein Segment Producer ("Something's Got to Give") 2389 3000004
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Nunnally Johnson Other Writer segment screenwriter("Something's Got to Give") 120847 4000002
Walter Bernstein Other Writer segment screenwriter("Something's Got to Give") 120847 4000003
Bella Spewack From Story from screenplay "My Favorite Wife"(("Something's Got to Give")) 120870 4000004
Samuel Spewack From Story from screenplay "My Favorite Wife"(("Something's Got to Give")) 120870 4000005
Erika Schroeder Line Producer coordinating producer 161 5000001
Anna Pousho Production Manager n/a 305 5000002
Andrew Giacometti Post-Production Supervisor post-production manager 120796 5000003
Mimi Christensen Production Coordinator (Prometheus Entertainment) 162 5000004
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Gerard Byrne Camera n/a 120798 6000003
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Patrick Higgins Camera n/a 120798 6000008
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Mark W Jacobs On-Line Editor n/a 120811 7000003
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Scott T Miller On-Line Editor n/a 120811 7000005
Eric Notti On-Line Editor n/a 120811 7000006
Ben Bulatao Assistant Editor n/a 203 7000007
John Mercer Music segment music("Something's Got to Give") 120781 8000001
Angela Longo Music music clearance 120781 8000002
Tom Jenkins Music n/a 120781 8000003
Chris Many Music n/a 120781 8000004
Lloyd Hardy Music Coordinator n/a 206 8000005
Ray Anthony and His Orchestra Performer ("Something's Got to Give") 120819 8000006
P Hill Song ("Happy Birthday to You") 120859 8000007
M Hill Song ("Happy Birthday to You") 120859 8000008
Frank Sinatra Song Performer ("Something's Got to Give") 120788 8000009
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Sean Williams Other Chyron 120795 26000005
Erik Sequeira Manager vault manager 120827 28000001
Rachel Ginnerty Unit Publicist n/a 231 29000001
Documentary about the final days of Marilyn Monroe, including an account of the making and eventual abandonment in 1962 of the last film on which Monroe worked -- "Something's Got to Give" The program includes the world television premiere of a 37-minute reconstruction of the footage shot for this uncompleted film, which co-starred Dean Martin, Cyd Charisse, Phil Silvers, Wally Cox and Steve Allen.