America 1900

America 1900
Type TV Special
MPAA Rating N/A
Runtime 3hr
Genres Documentary, Historical
Keywords N/A
Status Completed
US Release Date
  • Jeremy Renner Talks 'Ghost Protocol,' 'Avengers,' 'Bourne Legacy' and More
    By: Thomas Leupp Nov 30, 2011

    The 'Hurt Locker' star relates the time he almost puked on Tom Cruise.

  • Quick Takes: News in Brief
    By: Noah Davis Jan 01, 1900

    Brolin and Driver to wed; Comic strip "BC" defames Jews, says Jewish group; Dirty Harry's wife on "Camera"; Former "Survivor" contestant gives deposition; Moore to celebrate birthday with TV bash; Pryor's name to headline street sign in Illinois; Beastie Boys' Grand Royal reappears; Actor Steve Buscemi reportedly knifed in fight; Marlon Brando hospitalized

  • Quick Takes: Nickelodeon award winners
    By: Jason Alcorn Jan 01, 1900

    Nickelodeon rewards Jim Carrey, Phil Collins a father for the fourth time, Hollywood players turn to porn, Fergie reports for British news.

  • "Driven" into court
    By: Erika Gimenes Jan 01, 1900

    Pacific Rim Partners is suing the makers of Driven, claiming that the Warner Bros. and Franchise Pictures racing thriller will diminish the value of its 1996 film of the same name and will cause confusion among the public.

  • CHANNEL SURFER: Drew Carey, Um, Sings
    By: Steve Harper Jan 01, 1900

    SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 5, 2000 -- Drew Carey is first out of the gate in this second full week of the May sweeps in the title role of "Geppetto" on ABC's "Wonderful World of Disney" (7 p.m. EDT/PDT, today). The classic family-friendly tale, best known from the 1940 animated classic "Pinocchio," gets a live-action makeover, being retold from the point of view of the puppet turned real boy's "single father." This musical production includes Julia Louis-Dreyfus ("Seinfeld") as the Blue Fairy an

  • Negotiators feeling writers' cramps
    By: Staff Jan 01, 1900

    Negotiators for TV and film writers and their producer employers resumed talks at noon Wednesday amid speculation that they had already reached a broad agreement on money issues and were now in intense talks concerning "creative rights" issues. Thursday's New York Times quoted one industry exec who attended a 4:00 p.m. session as saying, "If we can resolve the creative rights, then it's a run for the roses."

  • Must-Flush TV? 10 People, One Toilet
    By: Fiona Ng Jan 01, 1900

    HOLLYWOOD, July 3, 2000 - For many, the Big Brother universe depicted in George Orwell's "1984" may be a resounding social critique on, oh, totalitarianism. But to the folks at CBS, it's just another damn good idea for a reality-based game show. Yes, from the network that brought you "Survivor", comes "Big Brother" (premiering Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT/PDT after you-know-what) -- yet another real-people-being-watched-all-the-time, process-of-eliminating-each-other-for-money series. The series - b

  • Aimster sues recording industry
    By: Erika Gimenes Jan 01, 1900

    Napster's clone Aimster is suing the Recording Industry Association of America, seeking a "declamatory judgement" that protection of user's privacy is not copyright infringement.

  • Sen. Lieberman to meet with movie moguls
    By: Noah Davis Jan 01, 1900

    Former Al Gore running mate and outspoken Hollywood critic Sen. Joe Lieberman will arrive in California on Wednesday for a powwow with the movie industry's leading movers and shakers.

  • Smell That Indie Spirit
    By: Kit Bowen Jan 01, 1900

    During a laid back ceremony in Santa Monica last night, the Independent Spirit Awards honored the best in independent filmmaking, with the Taiwanese giant "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" taking top honors.

Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
David McCullough Actor ("The American Experience") 1 1000001
David McCullough Narrator Narration 120790 1000002
David Grubin Director n/a 2 2000001
Margaret Drain Executive Producer ("The American Experience") 174 3000001
Mark Samels Producer ("The American Experience") 3 3000002
Allyson Luchak Producer n/a 3 3000003
David Grubin Producer n/a 3 3000004
Amanda Pollak Associate Producer n/a 171 3000005
Judy Crichton Writer n/a 120782 4000001
David Grubin Writer n/a 120782 4000002
Christine Larson Unit Manager ("The American Experience") 120832 5000001
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Gretchen Schwarz Post-Production Supervisor n/a 120796 5000003
James Janowsky Technical Operations Manager equipment manager 120834 5000004
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Geof Bartz Editor n/a 172 7000001
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Seth Bomse Editing n/a 120901 7000003
Joan Grubin Editing n/a 120901 7000004
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Michael Bacon Music n/a 120781 8000001
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Danielle Dell'Olio Other interactive media("The American Experience") 120795 26000006
Daphne Noyes Publicity publicist(WGBH/Boston) 120789 29000001
Elizabeth Cote Publicity publicist(WGBH/Boston) 120789 29000002
Johanna Baker Publicity publicist(WGBH/New York) 120789 29000003
Documentary examines the emerging forces of America in 1900 that would come to shape the 20th century.