We’ve Got All The 90’s Icons You Should Be For Halloween

The 90’s are here to stay (even though it’s 2014) so we might as well embrace it! If you’re struggling with who to be for Halloween this year, might I make a few suggestions based on some of the most popular icons that emerged in the world’s favorite decade?

If you’re going out in a group:




If you’ve got even more people, don’t forget about Kimi, Susie, or Dil! Hell, you should even have someone dress up as Reptar so you can ride around on their back all night.



If you’ve got a few more guys than girls in your group, the Recess crew is perfect for you. Or, if you actually have a very even amount. You could go as the gang AND The Ashleys.


Saved By the Bell



Goes as just the guys, go as just the girls, go as Kelly and Zach, or the whole group…you’ve got a lot of different options when it comes to this Bayside High group.

Hey Arnold


For extra bonus points on creativity, you can go as Helga and carry around a gum shine to Arnold.



If you’ve got extra time on your hands, make sure you frost your tips AND figure out how to attach strings to your costumes, so someone can be your puppeteer all night.

Backstreet Boys


If you don’t dress up in these white suits, will anyone even know who you are? No, they won’t. So don’t mess it up!



You could also potentially wear scrubs and spend the whole night singing about them and we’re sure everyone would get the gist.

Spice Girls


Whoever get’s to be Posh has the easiest time since they only have to wear a black dress.

Destiny’s Child


You have a few options of which version of Destiny’s Child you’d like to go as.

If you’re going out with just your besties:

Princesses – Belle, Pocahontas, and Mulan are all 90’s girls.


As Mulan you can go as war-hero-Mulan, deciding-her fate-Mulan, or you could just skip Mulan and go as her match maker.


You can be the inventor’s daughter or you can be Beast’s love interest here.


There is only one way to dress up as Pocahontas and that’s by being a total bad ass.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Either go as Will or Carlton, but just make sure you and your best friend are both doing the Carlton all night long.



If you and your friend are super indifferent and don’t really care about the holiday, but have to dress up, these two are pretty ideal choices.


GIPHY/Paramount Pictures

Cher and Dionne are still the coolest best friends to dress as, obviously since Iggy gave them a shout out in “Fancy.”

Dumb and Dumber


Being Harry and Lloyd is time friendly since the sequel is coming out this year!

If you’re going out with your significant other:


GIPHY/20th Century Fox

You will pretty much win any and every costume contest if you’re willing to carry a door around with you two all night and show everyone how Jack and Rose both can fit on it.

Pretty Woman

GIPHY/Buena Vista Pictures

If you’re just looking for an individual costume idea:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


If you see any Edward Cullen’s while you’re partying, you do have a right to stake them.


GIPHY/Paramount Pictures

If you do dress as William Wallace, you are required to give a very impassioned, drunk speech at whatever party you’re at.

Jurassic Park

GIPHY/Universal Pictures

You can either roll out with your crew as John Hammond, with his awesome cane, or you can carry around a spoonful of green Jell-O all night.

GIPHY/Universal Pictures

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