Robert De Niro, Taxi Driver

20 Iconic Movie Moments You Never Knew Were Unscripted

Here's ad-libbing with you, kid.
By: Cory Mahoney | Feb 26, 2015
The Lazarus Effect, Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, Sarah Bolger

5 Reasons Why 'The Lazarus Effect' is the Perfect Date Night Movie

#EvilWillRise with this terrifying horror flick and matching giveaway!
By: Ana Luisa Suarez | Feb 26, 2015
Fight Club

14 Subtle Movie References You Never Caught

Tyler Durden totally sold out and made a Facebook.
By: Cory Mahoney | Feb 26, 2015
Batman & Robin

6 Signs That 'Batman & Robin' Is Really A Comedy

It's time to look at this movie as a comedy and then realize its brillance.
By: Nicole Weaver | Feb 25, 2015
Chris Evans, Not Another Teen Movie

18 Reasons 'Not Another Teen Movie' Will Always Be Funny

"OH GOD! Ugh! I can't believe you fell for that crap! That's from Pretty In Pink!"
By: Ana Luisa Suarez | Feb 25, 2015
Toy Story

Which Disney Mom Are You Most Like?

Mothers are more often than not left out of a Disney character's tale. Which of this rare breed of mommies are you most like?
By: PlayBuzz | Feb 25, 2015
Austin Powers, Mike Myers

21 Reasons There Should Be an 'Austin Powers' Sequel

We've spent the last 13 years waiting for more of this international man of mystery.
By: Ana Luisa Suarez | Feb 20, 2015
James Franco, Anne Hathaway

A Ranking of Oscar Hosts – the Good, the Bad and the Totally Random

Anne Hathway and James Franco? What were they thinking?!
By: Andrea Tuccillo | Feb 20, 2015
Oscar Statue

How Well Do You Know The 2015 Oscar Nominees?

Test your Oscars knowledge before the big show this Sunday Feb. 22.
By: PlayBuzz | Feb 20, 2015
American Pie

The 13 Most Awkward Movies to Watch With Your Parents

There isn't a scene in 'American Pie' we want our dad to watch with us...
By: Kayla Hernandez | Feb 19, 2015

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