‘A Better Life’ Trailer Debut

My how the mighty have fallen. Former Mexican drug lord slash governor (they have governors in Mexico, right?) Esteban Reyes is now a lowly lawn and garden worker barely scraping by. Well that’s technically not the case. Demian Bichir stars in the new movie A Better Life as a palm tree clipper whose dreams rest on acquiring a new truck which will allow him to hire more workers and yada yada yada capitalism rules. But then the truck gets stolen and his son might be involved in a gang. Some serious drama happening here.

Anyway, the film comes from noted director Chris Weitz who previously handled American Pie and Twilight: New Moon? And wrote Antz? And he also directed About A Boy? Is this guy for real? How many personalities does his split into?

The film looks good; he’s clearly taking the About A Boy route rather than the menage-a-trois with werewolves and vampires route. But then again, you can never expect what will happen in the third act twist!

Source: Movie Line