A Deadly Obsession | 2012

Drama, Thriller
When her class is interrupted by gunfire by an obsessed former student, a professor must come up with a plan to disarm the shooter and put a stop to the madness - before it's too late.


Production Company


Psychology professor Suzanne Hollander is a popular teacher and respected researcher at a prestigious college on the East Coast. But what the students and faculty don't know is that Suzanne's interest in psychology comes from a dark place in her past a past which Suzanne can no longer outrun. When Suzanne's class is interrupted by gunfire, she reacts quickly and hustles her students to safety. But one of her students is hit and Suzanne needs to find a way out of the school. Outside, Police Lieutenant Michael Olsen and Suzanne's boyfriend Logan put the school on lockdown and come up with a plan to get Logan inside. Meanwhile, the deranged shooter comes closer to Suzanne and her students - so close, in fact, that Suzanne is forced to face the truth. The shooter is a former student and research subject by the name of Connor, and his obsession with Suzanne is the reason he is here. As Connor continues his reign of terror, Suzanne must come up with a plan to face her own demons, disarm Connor and put a stop to the madness - before it's too late.