A Genuinely Great ‘Twilight’ Moment: Learning Rosalie’s Past in Eclipse



Confession: I’ve read all the Twilight books. Twice. I’ve seen all the movies, and I have attended a midnight premiere (or three) in my lifetime. I may or may not have stayed up many a nights past three AM arguing my case for vampires against my werewolf-inclined college roommate. And there have been times that I considered changing my signature blonde locks for a more Bella-esque shade. (FYI, I never did.) However, I do want to be clear about one thing: I totally and completely understand that the entire Twilight franchise is so bad that it almost hurts.

Stop hissing/growling at me and let me continue. To be fair, the books are way better than the movies. True, Stephanie Meyer’s writing is just above 8th grade persuasive essay status, but her ability to create a highly relatable character (Bella) and throw her into this world of supernatural phenomenon was exactly that my post Harry Potter heart was so desperately aching for. (Side-Note: I also feel the need to add in that Book Bella is far different from Movie Bella. Book Bella is clumsy and a smiley, whereas Movie Bella is awkward and bites her lip 12 million times a day.)

Moving back to my original thought, the Twilight movies are not very good. Yes they’ve come a long way and ignite squealing tweens into fits of anxiety and excitement, all whilst making billions of dollars, but they’re not going to be nabbing an Oscar anytime soon. With that said, I’d like to present to you what I consider to be a genuinely great Twilight moment: Eclipse gave audiences an in-depth look into Rosalie Cullen’s (Nikki Reed) previous “perfect” 1930’s life. She was beautiful, desired, and engaged to the most eligible bachelor in town. But on the night before her wedding, Rosalie’s fiancé and a group of his drunk friends rapped and beat her to the brink of death.

As a franchise that is geared heavily towards a younger audience, it was surprising and almost refreshing to see a scene that showcases one of life’s greatest evils—and no I’m not talking about blood-thirsty vampires. Rosalie’s death was at the hands of pure unadulterated evil and her simple matter-of-fact way of describing the tragedy, brings forth a whole new layer of unsettling yet captivating dread. Plus, watching Rosalie exact her revenge whilst wearing her pristine wedding dress—menacingly sweet smile and all—makes it all the better. “I was a little theatrical back then,” she muses. Overall it was disturbingly delightful. 

Check out the full video below to behold all the terror of Rosalie’s past in this genuinely great Twilight scene.

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