How ‘Charles Swan’ Got Jason Schwartzman and a Dancing Horse on Top a Kitchen Sink

Credit: A24

At one point or another, a film’s production is bound to hit a speed bump. An ambitious director is always going to have an idea too expensive, too convoluted, too far beyond the realm of practical possibility. But the greats can work around this, bringing their vision to life in the face of adversity. Especially if that vision involves Jason Schwartzman on top of a horse, dancing on a kitchen sink.

On the set of A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, director Roman Coppola had a dream: to fit a life-sized car into a gigantic kitchen sink. Unfortunately, on an independent film the size of Charles Swan, such was a pipe dream. But with a few camera tricks under his belt, Coppola and his team made the impossible happen.

The Charlie Sheen comedy might not have been able to foster a genuine piece of behemoth plumbing equipment, but it sure knew its way around forced perspective. Watch the below exclusive clip from the Charles Swan Blu-ray, which releases May 14.

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