A Hilarious Music Video for All the Gay Superhero Duos Out There


Jonah HexBatman and Robin. The Ambiguously Gay Duo. Green Lantern and his own set of abs. There have been shades of gay superheroes as long as there have been comics. (Have you even seen the queertastic Rainbow Batman.) But still, there aren’t that many caped crusaders who like Superboy-on-boy or Wonder Woman-on-woman action. Why is that? Apparently we’ve been taught that superheroes can’t be gay.

Leave it to Norwegian TV show Kollektivet to take that anti-gay bent that runs rampant through some parts of fandom and skewer it in a funny and clever way. Here we have two masked men who are hot for each other even though everyone tells them that their love should dare not speak it’s name. By the time they’re using their powers to get laid, they’ve found a way into our hearts even though we can’t figure out how they’re going to find their way into each others’ spandex. They’ve taught us that superheroes can be gay, and now that we know that, we can’t wait to see more of them in future comic book movies. [Towleroad]

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