A Ranking of the Best Hollywood Santa Clauses: From Best to Worst

It’s no easy task stepping into Saint Nick’s big red suit for the movie screen. Through the years, cinema has given us Santas who slay (or should we say sleigh) and Santas that deserve only a lump of coal. Here is our ranking from best to worst!

This franchise practically shaped our Christmases as a kid, thanks to Tim "the tool man" Taylor's transformation into Saint Nicholas. It may be a wacky and corny story, but Allen brings humor and heart. For that, he'll remain Hollywood's jolliest Santa Claus.
20th Century Fox
Gwenn's Kris Kringle is undoubtedly one of the best. There are no singing elves or talking reindeer in this holiday classic, but Miracle on 34th Street's memorable Santa certainly fits the bill. Are we sure this wasn't a cameo done by the real deal?
New Line
Ed Asner might not be your traditional Santa, but he sure is the sassiest. While he's certainly not Hollywood's best, we can appreciate his honest advice about New York City pizza and leaving pre-chewed gum on the streets. Asner brings sarcasm to the role, while still keeping things merry.
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Though the leader of Christmas Town must go through some unpleasant trials and tribulations, Edward Ivory's "Sandy Claws" still manages to bring Christmas cheer to Tim Burton's animated masterpiece.
Warner Bros
In a movie where Tom Hanks plays basically everyone, Tom Hanks successfully brings Father Christmas to life. The Polar Express is filled with heartwarming holiday magic and this enchanting Santa is one-of-a-kind.
Warner Bros
Giamatti manages to channel his inner Scrooge while playing the man in the big red suit. Why in the name of Kris Kringle did this even happen?
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Dimension Films
The only thing worse than the Grinch trying to steal Christmas is a drunken mall Santa trying to commit crime. Sorry, Billy Bob.
A Christmas Story is chalked full of classic moments we love re-watching every season. That terrifying, semi-abusive department store Santa just isn't one of them. "Hooooo, hooooo, hoooo!"