‘A Star Is Born’ Delayed Due to Cast Issues

BeyonceIt seems that a star won’t be born until Beyonce’s baby is. Clint Eastwood’s anticipated re-re-remake of the classic drama A Star is Born is finding more and more setbacks. For one, there is still no male lead attached (minor problem). Second, the pregnancy of leading lady Beyonce Knowles will be delaying shooting; in other words, the singer/actress’ child marks this film’s destiny.

Beyonce is set to play the lead female: a young, idealistic singer who gets her start in show business and falls for an aging, alcoholic rock star. The latter role is one for which Eastwood is having difficulty finding an actor. It was reported that he had interest in casting Leonardo DiCaprio, who will star in Eastwood’s upcoming J. Edgar. However, DiCaprio has stated that he will not be taking the part.

Others still being mentioned as hopefuls include Will Smith and Christian Bale. Bale himself is deliberating between a storm of projects to take on post-Dark Knight Rises. Others on his roster, such as Noah and Oldboy seem slightly more the actor’s speed than A Star is Born.

And as for Will Smith? We haven’t seen much in the vein of “aging alcoholic has-been” in terms of Will Smith roles. Maybe this can be the role that takes the superstar down the anti-hero alley… and that’d be quite a welcome turn. We saw hints of it in Hancock… but that was Hancock. Let’s try it in an actual movie now.

Source: Indiewire

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