A Very Muppetational New ‘The Muppets’ Trailer!

Muppetational (adj) [muh-peh-TAY-shuh-n?l]

1. Of or relating to Muppetation or Muppets

2. The combined phenomenon of sensation, inspiration and celebration

3. Describing a movie so supercharged with fun, comedy and messages like friendship, loyalty, believing in yourself and going for your dreams, that no matter how old you are, you can’t help but rattle with excitement over its imminent release

The Muppets will indeed be a Muppetational movie…at least if the below trailer is any indication. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Rolf, Skeeter, the Swedish Chef, Animal and quite a few more will be reuniting to save their old Muppet Show theater. But Muppets alone does not a theater save. They’re getting help from an enthusiastic live cast that includes, among countless others, Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Rashida Jones and Jack Black. So what can stand in their way? The usual hijinks? A post-Muppet world? Perhaps the intimidating Moopet gang? Whatever it is, we can bet that they won’t be daunted for long. Now get on board and Mup it up with the new Muppets trailer. Sensational it is. Inspirational, for sure. Celebrational? You bet.


Don’t you forget it.


Source: Yahoo via Comingsoon