Aaron Sorkin Writing Steve Jobs Biopic — Just Give It the Oscar Now

Aaron Sorkin Let the battle of the Steve Jobs biopics begin! Now joining in on the games: Aaron Sorkin.

In one corner, you have the independent project: with Ashton Kutcher at the center, cast as the Apple founder, this project might have seemed the heavy favorite for some time. The more recent addition of rising star Josh Gad as Jobs’ professional partner Steve Wozniak added to the luster.

But things have taken quite a turn. In the other corner, there is the Sony film, based officially on the entrepreneur’s biography (written by Walter Isaacson). While big studios and best selling source material are only enough to garner passing interest from most, the newest name attached should win this project some favor: Aaron Sorkin is writing the script.

On its own, this is exemplary news. When it comes to the man who wrote films like A Few Good Men, Moneyball, and The Social Network (so he’s not exactly in over his head when it comes to adapting a biography into the best movie ever), and created television programs like The West Wing and the upcoming The Newsroom, there really needn’t be additional reasons to get excited about his involvement. But there are.

Jobs himself had personal stake in Sorkin’s talent. The Apple founder, who was heavily involved in Pixar Animation Studios, once contacted Sorkin, asking him to conceive and write a feature film for Pixar. Sorkin declined, apprehensive about his own ability to live up to Pixar’s output of majesty. And while the world really does need that communion to eventually happen, this one is also pretty invigorating.

Of course, the project needs a cast. What are Sorkin’s pals up to these days? Is Martin Sheen too old for Jobs? How about Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Woz? Maybe Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg again — come on, they must have crossed paths once or twice.

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