Abigail Spencer Joins ‘This Means War’

Abigail SpencerHollywood is making the bold move of hiring attractive people to pretend to be different attractive people who are attracted to each other all while things explode. The latest addition to this trend is Abigail Spencer (a noted pretty lady, pictured left) joining the cast of This Means War which already includes handsome gentlemen Chris Pine and Tom Hardy along with pretty blond haired, white toothed lady Reese Witherspoon.

While I am glad to see them taking the risk of matching attractive people with other attractive people, I’m worried that this movie would be particularly too attractive. A shocking possibility, I know, since when did we ever consider a movie being too sexy? But this is a serious consideration we have to consider.

Consider this: the film follows two spies, Pine and Hardy (also the name of my new furniture cleaner solution), as they fall for the same woman (Witherspoon). Spencer will play Hardy’s ex-wife, who will probably say something snarky and mean (which attractive ex-wives are bound to do), but Hardy will nevertheless have something sly to say about her so we’ll side with him (as attractive spies often do). As the two agents fight for the hand of the woman, they will probably do something really cool before saying something smart and clever. If there is an explosion they might walk away from it without flinching and/or wearing sunglasses. But which one will Witherspoon choose? Probably the one who learns the biggest lesson at the end which will probably be something along the lines of “you shouldn’t have to try so hard at love (which will also play up thematically to something mentioned previously in the movie).

Or it will end with them both running the train on Witherspoon if they want to keep it realistic.

Source: Hollywood Reporter