Adam McKay Will Direct Ferrell & Wahlberg Again In ‘Three Mississippi’

adam mckayWhen this project was originally announced about a month ago, it was called Turkey Bowl and Adam McKay was only serving as producer. Now, it’s retitled Three Mississippi and McKay is stepping up to direct Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg once again.

To refresh your memory, the film follows two rival families who gather each Thanksgiving to play a traditional game of football. Over the years the rivalry grew quite nasty, as Wahlberg’s family (led by patriach Alec Baldwin) seemingly crumbles while Ferrell’s family flourishes. So it’s up to Wahlberg to step up and reclaim his family’s honor or victory or glory or whatever you win in football. Either way, I’m glad McKay is directing the duo again considering he’s generally the only one who can get a decent comedic performance out of Ferrell, and the last time the trio worked together we got the fairly good flick, The Other Guys. Color me intrigued, but only use washable colors please.

Source: Vulture