Adam Sandler and Chris Columbus Team Up on Supernatural Comedy ‘Hello Ghost’

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Adam Sandler and Chris Columbus are teaming up for the remake of a Korean supernatural comedy, so this should be interesting. The film is called Hello Ghost, and it’s about a man who, after attempting to kill himself, is plagued by the arrival of four ghosts. They won’t leave him in peace until he helps them amend their past by granting them each one wish. So… is he some kind of genie? Or just a really helpful guy?

Columbus hasn’t directed a feature film since 2010’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians, so Hello Ghost will get him back in the director’s chair. He’s also in negotiations to direct Pixels, the adaptation of a witty Internet short for Sony that is being produced by Sandler’s Happy Madison banner. Sandler, meanwhile, is shooting Blended, a Warner Bros. romantic comedy that reunites him with Drew Barrymore, and has Grown Ups 2 awaiting a July 12 release.

There’s no way to tell what kind of tone the movie will have yet, but with Columbus on board it’s probably going to be more Click and less Billy Madison.

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