Adam Sandler Goes Serious for 9/11 Film

Adam Sandler ditched his comedy persona for 9/11 movie Empty City, so he could show America he takes the subject seriously.

The star is best known as a funnyman in madcap comedy films, but he worked hard on behalf of those affected by the victims of the terrorist attacks.

He tells MTV News, “9/11 touched every one of us. Making this movie, I knew how important it was to be as good as I could ever be in anything.

“I worked my a** off to try, because I wanted to make sure that it worked for people it did affect even closer than it did for the rest of America.

“(I was thinking about) people who actually lost family members, dads and moms and wives and kids. I wanted to make sure that when they see it they say, ‘Yeah, they captured the feeling of loss.’

“That’s what the movie deals with: losing somebody and how to cope with it.”

Sandler Donates 9/11 Film Fee

Adam Sandler is donating his fee for starring in 9/11 drama Empty City to charities supporting those affected by the terrorist attacks.

The actor is keen to clarify his motives for making the movie, and insists he isn’t benefiting financially.

He tells MTV News, “All my money I’m donating. That’s not why we did the movie, to make money.”

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