Adam Sandler Is Both Man and Woman in ‘Jack and Jill’ Trailer

In his early days, Adam Sandler was in the R-rated comedy business, specializing in his own low-brow premises and finding an in with a broad crowd. They were perverse, stupid and highly enjoyable — the kind of movie you couldn’t help but watch if it popped up on TBS during the haze of a Sunday morning.

But times have changed and so as Sandler, and now you’ll fine him, more often than not, starring in high concept family comedies that, while still barely reaching for anything resembling intelligence, play big and play hard. He completes his recent trifecta of Bedtime Stories and Grown Ups with his latest, Jack and Jill, which sees the former SNL star as both a mild-mannered husband and his identical twin sister. Hilarity ensues?

The first trailer for the film must be seen to be believed (see below), but a few moments in the spot particular stand out as truly jaw-droppingly bewildering. In a good way, if you can believe it:

A homeless man eating Thanksgiving dinner with Jack and Jill.


Jill crushing a horse by sitting on it.


Al Pacino playing Al Pacino…who thinks Jill is attractive.


Jack’s Indian kid punches Jill in the face while wearing a pepper cracker on his head


Hey, why not? Jack and Jill hits theaters November 11.Watch the trailer here:

Source: Yahoo