Adam Sandler & Kevin James Reteam For ‘Valet Guys’

Adam SandlerIt’s inevitable. There is nothing you can do about it, short of being redundant. Kevin James and Adam Sandler (arguably two of the funniest comic actors working) are making another movie (which will gross an ungodly amount of money despite the vicious vitriol of the internet). Valet Guys stars the pair as valet attendants who witness a murder and are forced to go on the run.

The script comes from James and his long time collaborator Nick Bakay (shockingly the voice of this cat), who has previously co-written Paul Blart: Mall Cop and The Zookeeper with the in-demand comedian. Perhaps this will be the fluke that doesn’t make a butt load of cash (butt load = >$100 million, look it up) which will cause them to see the error in their ways and make great comedy again. But this will probably be one of those times where you just have to sit back, let them take their money and hope they come out with something better next time.

And say what you will about that shit-eating grin to the upper left, but that shit-eating grin gives Maseratis as thank you presents.

Source: Deadline