Adam Sandler Faces Off with Taylor Lautner and Shaq in ‘Grown Ups 2’ Clips

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and David Spade are returning for their comedy sequel Grown Ups 2, but did you know that Taylor Lautner also makes an appearance? The former Twilight hunk does indeed have a cameo in the film, as a jersey-wearing frat boy. He kicks the middle-aged gang off his fraternity’s turf, but not before showing off an overly-long handshake.

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Although there are some new faces in the movie, Sandler & Co. are back to their old shenanigans. They get caught stealing a school bus, although the policeman (yes, that is Shaq) doesn’t really seem to mind.

Meanwhile, Salma Hayek and Maya Rudolph talk motherhood while at a yoga class. A leash is always helpful when trying to control your children.

Grown Ups 2 is in theaters on July 12.

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