‘After Earth': It’s the End of the World But Will and Jaden Smith Feel Fine — POSTER

Will Smith and his son Jaden are going where many films of late have gone before: to the post-apocalypse.

Sony Pictures has released a new international poster for After Earth, M. Night Shyamalan‘s sci-fi epic (out June 6) about a father and son having to survive on the desiccated wasteland of a post-human Earth after crashing there a millennium after humanity was forced off-planet. Previous posters have emphasized the end-of-the-world, WALL-E meets The Road concept. This one, though, is solely about the father-son bonding. Their only weapons to face the wasteland, and a fearsome alien who crashed with them, are their inexhaustible reserves of confidence and ability to stare-down anything.

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I mean, what are they looking at in this poster? Is there some threat just to the right of the image? Or, on a more metaphorical level, is it their uncertain future they choose to meet with their gaze? Is this hinting at a new, meditative direction for Shyamalan, in which he’ll have his characters ponder their oblivion? (Not to be confused with Oblivion, which looks like the exact same movie.) Does Will’s brooding countenance mean this will be the first movie in which he doesn’t shout, “Aw, hell no!” Check it out.

After Earth Starring Will and Jaden Smith Gets New International Poster

If you didn’t know the title of this movie is After Earth, you’d be forgiven for thinking from this poster that Will and Jaden have decided to craft a dystopian follow-up to The Pursuit of Happyness

Are you planning on checking out After Earth?

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[Photo Credit: Sony/Columbia Pictures]

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