Al Pacino Stars In ‘Arbitrage’

Al PacinoI feel like reporting on Al Pacino deserves some sort of special treatment, like it needs to be shouted. I COULD DO IT ALL IN CAPS BUT IT SEEMS EXCESSIVE. Maybe lots of exclamations could get the point!!!! Across!!!! Perhaps I could say it in bold? How about I add random guttural sounds after each sentence – hoo ah! What about a combination of all four? PERFECT! AL PACINO!!! WILL STAR IN THE!!! ECONOMIC MOVIE!!! ARBITRAGE!!! – HOO AH!!!!

The film also stars Eva Green and Susan Sarandon and follows a hedge fund manager (Pacino, like you didn’t know) who tries to sell his company before his fraud is noticed by the powers that be, but then things get bloody. Also, apparently Arbitrage in its simplest definition is “the possibility of a risk-free profit at zero cost.” Now, I understand all of those words on an individual basis and as a collective group I understand the principle of what they are trying to say. But then Wikipedia goes off the deep end with these economic terms and I am completely lost. Boy oh boy, I hope the movie explains it to me in the most basic terms possible but also throws in some more meaningless jargon to make it seem legit.

And one last thing, more for me than anyone else, but Variety, can you please check what you write? When you state that Pacino is set to start working on Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill and that the film is looking for an October start date, yet it’s NOVEMBER and pictures of Sandler in drag have already surfaced, it means production has already started. Pay attention guys, its the little things that make the difference – HOO AH!!!!

Source: Variety