Al Pacino Will Voice the Villain in ‘Despicable Me 2’

Al PacinoI was shocked to learn that Al Pacino has never performed in an animated film before. The actor has such a pronounced vocal presence that you’d think he’d have been brought in for at least a self-referential cameo by one of the studios that could afford him. But until today, the world of animation has been sans Pacino. So the renowned actor must have really liked Despicable Me to pioneer his exploration of voice acting for its upcoming sequel.

In the 2010 family comedy, Steve Carell played supervillain Gru, whose lifelong dream was to take over the moon. When Gru finds himself as the guardian to three young orphan girls, he gradually grows a heart and allows his love for his new daughters to usurp the evil inside of him. It’s touching. Carell will return as the reformed Gru in the upcoming Despicable Me 2. Where Jason Segel played his nemesis in the first film, Pacino will fill that role in the second.

Pacino was made to voice an animated supervillain (the rest of his career has just been buildup). His menacing presence, his intimidating roars, his frenzious delivery…the man will overtake the world with some flare. To be fair, Gru will probably stop him. It is a family film, after all. But the ride should be a fun one.

Source: Deadline