Albert Finney and Joan Allen Will be ‘Bourne’ Again

Joan AllenThe newest Bourne film has earned a lot of pessimism due to the loss of Matt Damon (and his character), and as a result, ostensibly, the familiarity of the beloved movie trilogy. But fans will not be robbed of the characters they’ve come to know: Albert Finney, who played the backbone of Operation Treadstone’s behavior modifcation program, Dr. Albert Hirsch, and Joan Allen, Deputy Director Pamela Landy, will be returning to the universe of brain-erasing and soldier-creating (I clearly took a lot from these movies) in The Bourne Legacy.

In addition to these veterans of the series, newcomers Jeremy Renner will play the hero, Edward Norton will act the villain, and Rachel Weisz and Oscar Isaac will contribute something yet to be bourne.

But don’t think the newness of the leads will overshadow the Bournity of films past! Tony Gilroy, writer and director of The Bourne Legacy, has been involved in the production of each of the preceding Bourne films. Thus, he’s not exactly a stranger to the creative mindset behind the storyline and characters. To those still pessimistic about TBL (that’s what everyone’s gunna be calling it), I recommend a good brain-erasing.

Source: Indiewire