Alexis Bledel Nabs Killer Role

alexis bledelThe traveling pants are coming off and we’re saying goodbye small town sweetheart, hello skilled girl-assassin. Alexis Bledel is making a serious break from her cutesy Gilmore Girls and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants past as she signs on to co-star in Violet and Daisy – a tale of two teenage girls who are more interested in contracting a kill than painting their toenails and gossiping about Zac Efron. But am I the only one who finds it strange that Bledel, who turns 30 next year, is playing a teenager…again? The role is quite different, so I’ll quiet down for now. Baby steps, baby steps.

The story follows the teen duo as they embark on what should be an easy hit, but they find out that their target is about to complicate things. (Of course, it does.)

Bledel will team up with sixteen-year-old Saoirse Ronan (you may remember her as that annoying, creepy little girl from Atonement) to start taking out dudes in New York City. I guess the Gilmore Girl didn’t get enough action in Sin City, so now she’s back for more. Plus, her role there was pretty mild – she just flashed her pretty blue eyes and gave her fellow prostitutes an in to start wreaking havoc. I’d be itching to do something with a little more teeth, too.

We’re also looking at some pretty grizzly dudes to join the girls onscreen. James Gandolfini has already signed on and Danny Trejo is rumored to be attached to the project as well. (Now they’ve got my attention. Danny Trejo is basically a recipe for instant ass-kickery.) Geoffrey Fletcher comes fresh off his success with the screenplay for Precious to make his directorial debut, so we’ll see what he’s got, but with Tony Soprano and Machete hanging around, this movie looks like it may actually have a chance at being awesome.

Source: Variety

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