Alice Eve Joins ‘Men in Black III’ As Emma Thompson Circa 1969

Hollywood.comFor director Barry Sonnenfeld and the cast and crew of Men in Black III, time-traveling back to the 1960s has not been as easy as expected. After filming the first act of the movie, which takes place in the present, production was put on hiatus at the end of last year until “script issues” were resolved for the second act, set in 1969. Yesterday we learned that the production re-start date had been pushed back yet again — this time to March 28 — but at least  Sony has picked up British bombshell Alice Eve (She’s Out Of My League) in the meantime.

According to Deadline, Eve has joined the cast as the past version of MIB’s current director, played by Emma Thompson (see below), who started with the Agency back in ’69. Agent J (Will Smith) meets her when he is forced to travel back in time to join forces with a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) to — you guessed it — save the world.

It’s another solid casting choice for Sony Pictures. Alice Eve will certainly be as a young Emma Thompson (the resemblance is all in the smile and cheekbones), just as Josh Brolin is a dead ringer for a young Tommy Lee-Jones. Really though, how wrong could you go with two people with practically the same genes? These Brits all look the same anyhow. “Tony Blair?” I said to myself the first time I saw these photos. “No, these are women. Musn’t make that mistake again.”

Source: Deadline