Alison Brie To Play Emily Blunt’s Sister In ‘Five-Year Engagement’

Alison BrieThere hasn’t been much movement on Judd Apatow’s Five Year Engagement lately. We knew that Jason Segel and Emily Blunt would be playing a couple whose long term relationship is chronicled in the comedy, to be directed by Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) but that’s old news already. What’s new is that Community’s Alison Brie is on board, set to play sister to Blunt.

Stoller and Segel wrote the screenplay for the film, which will be produced by Apatow and Shauna Robertson. Brie told Variety that the production is set to get underway around the end of April and that she’s a huge fan of the work of the Apatow clan, stating that Sarah Marshall is “one of my favorite films ever.”

Bottom line: more Brie is better. I can only get so much of her on Mad Men and Community; it’s time she broke out and became the movie star she was born to be. You can see her next on the big screen in April’s Scream 4.

Source: Variety