Allison Williams Lines Up Shakespeare — But Can She Do Anything Other Than ‘Girls’?

Credit: HBO 

Unless you’ve seen her three episodes of The Mindy Project or the various web videos in which she’s popped up, the only thing you really know of Allison Williams is Girls. That and the fact that she has a dad, which is apparently considered justification to resent her, if you ask half the Internet. So you’re not quite certain where you stand on Williams — even if you think she fares well on the HBO dramedy, Marnie Michaels is the sort of character that can is often tied to the accusation that Williams is “just playing herself.” It won’t be until the release of her first film role, Rosaline, that we have a more concrete understanding of the young actress’ range of talent.

Newly cast in Romeo and Juliet reimagining Rosaline, as reported by Deadline, Williams will ostensibly get the chance to try something quite a leap from Lena Dunham’s Brooklyn-set series. With the bounties of William Shakespeare backing the script, which is adapted from the Rebecca Serle novel When You Were Mine, Williams might get to play with richer, more colorful and fantastical material… even at its bleakest, the play is still a romance. When those two star-crossed teenagers kick the bucket, it’s darkly enchanting. Williams will have a lot more black magic to deal in than on the plainclothes realism of girls. On top of this, the article adds that Williams’ name is being tossed around in attachment to the Fantastic Four reboot — another fantastical jaunt that will take her lightyears away from gritty Greenpoint.

So we’re left wondering how she’ll do, potentially operating beside Lily Collins? And if Collins is meant for the title role, Romeo’s former lover who earns the central vantage point in this new rendition, does that mean Williams will be Juliet herself? We look forward to seeing how the Girls star fares in a new realm. Hopefully, this means that some of her HBO costars will be taking on exciting new projects too. Just imagine Shoshanna in Twelfth Night

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