‘Amazing Spider-Man’: 4-Minute Preview Teases 3D-Friendly Action


Amazing Spider-ManOn Monday, a viral campaign from the Amazing Spider-Man team led to the unveiling of new footage of the Lizard/Dr. Curt Connors. A pretty impressive, painstaking bit of promo work — which has been more than one-upped on Tuesday.

More than a mere trailer update, the new four-minute “super preview” offers a glimpse at not only the (occasionally jokey) tone of incoming director Marc Webb’s Spidey reboot but also some of the absolutely amazing 3D-friendly action sequences we’ll be in for. You’ll be shocked that it’s all from the same guy who directed (500) Days of Summer.

It all adds up to the best, most fully formed look at what to expect from Webb’s fast-paced, back-to-the-comic-origins take on Spider-Man. Check it out below, and don’t miss The Amazing Spider-Man when it hits theaters on July 3.


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