Amy Adams in ‘American Bulls**t’: How Many ‘Fighter’ People Will This Film Involve?

David O. RussellDavid O. Russell must have had a really good time making The Fighter. The director hit a market of highs with the film, which featured Christian Bale and Amy Adams in two particularly fantastic performances. The director’s newest project American Bullsh*** recently lost Bale, but it is not giving up in becoming a revival of Russell’s (or are we supposed to say O. Russell’s?) golden project: Adams has been added to the cast.

This follows three consecutive movies (Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees, and then The Fighter) that boasted Mark Wahlberg in the lead. But neither American Bullsh*** nor his developing picture The Silver Linings Playbook have Wahlberg attached; incidentally, Bradley Cooper, star of Playbook, is also on board for Bullsh***. The only newcomer to the O. Russell-verse is Jeremy Renner, who just signed on to replace Bale.

An interesting similarity among the Wahlberg of the early 2000s, and the Adams, Cooper, and Renner of today is that they’re all stars who have just popped. Their hugeness is visible, but it has not quite been claimed in entirety just yet. Russell has never really toyed with risky casting; the only time he’s ever headlined a piece with even a relative unknown was in 1994, with his debut feature Spanking the Monkey, which starred Lost’s Jeremy Davies.

What Russell has going for him is his talent. His resume of movies shows versatility and creativity, and this will help him expand to a size wherein he’ll be able to maintain relationships with the Adams, Cooper, and Renner of tomorrow. And who knows? Maybe bag another Bale.

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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