An Awesome Transformation of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ into ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer


ALTFor many people their first exposure to the Dark Knight was on Batman: The Animated Series, the awesome ’90s cartoon that played after school. One eagle-eyed editor (with either way too much time on his hands or a near pathological devotion to Gotham’s greatest hero) used scenes from the cartoon to recreate the most recent The Dark Knight Rises trailer. He uses the music, voice over, and graphics from the trailer but clips from the ‘toon, which include a wrestler-looking Bane and a blonde Catwoman/Selina Kyle. It’s not an exact representation of the trailer (which is below for comparison purposes), but it’s pretty damn close. We applaud the effort it took to even get this far.

Now if only someone will turn old episodes of Jem into a Ke$ha video, then we’d really be happy.

[The Mary Sue]

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