‘Anchorman 2’ Poster Highlights the Most Important Aspect of the Upcoming Movie

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Beyond his leatherbound books, his cabinets of Scotch, his skills at jazz flute, his suits calling envy from Sinatra, and his wheels of cheese, Ron Burgundy has one source of insurmountable pride: his moustache. Yes, no satirical takedown of the alpha male bravado is complete without some facial follicular forestation, and Anchorman 2 is really honing in on this element in its new poster.

When you think of all the over-the-top man’s men in pop culture, you think moustaches: Ron Swanson, Walter White, Yosemite Sam. The second chapter for Will Ferrell’s San Diego-based newsman graces the world in December, sporting as hefty a lip-warmer as its predecessor… and we can’t even predict how the sideburns have taken form. Get ready for an overzealous expression of testosterone, people.

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