Andrew Stanton to Direct Pixar’s ‘Finding Nemo 2’

finding nemo 2Nemo is officially treading into the hit (Toy Story 2) or miss (Cars 2) waters of Pixar sequels. 

Deadline is reporting that, nearly a decade after its release, in addition to its 3D re-release in September, Finding Nemo will be getting a follow-up. (Got that, Dory? Deadline is reporting that, nearly a decade after its release, Finding Nemo will be getting a follow-up.) 

The decision to make a sequel, however unnecessary it may be (they found Nemo, after all), doesn’t really come as much of a surprise. With previous, successful sequels behind them and Monsters University on the horizon, Pixar seems to be capitalizing on some of their most beloved and profitable hits. 

What is noteworthy, however, is who has been tapped helm Nemo back to the big screen. Andrew Stanton, who was behind the original Finding Nemo and 2008’s brilliant Wall-E, also just happens to have the biggest flop of, not only 2012, but possibly all time, to his credit. Stanton’s venture into live-action effort John Carter caused Disney to take a $200 million bath. 

Even with the pox of JAHN CAHTAH OF EARTH to his name, Stanton’s previous animated efforts (A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Wall-E) earned a combined worldwide intake of over $1.7 billion at the box office and two Best Animated Feature Oscars for the studio. 

With the inevitable success of Finding Nemo 2 (which does not have a release date scheduled yet) Disney’s decision to put Stanton on board could mean the flop is now just water under John Carter‘s very shaky bridge. 

PIxar has declined to comment on the reports. 


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[Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures]