Andy Samberg Tells Adam Sandler ‘I Hate You Dad’

Andy SambergWell, this explains a lot. Turns out, Adam Sandler is Andy Samberg‘s father.

Okay, not really, but the two actors plan to show us what that reality would be like in their upcoming movie, I Hate You Dad. The Hollywood Reporter says that Sandler will play Samberg’s daddy, despite being only 12 years his senior. Columbia Pictures and Sandler’s Happy Madison production company are producing.

The film is still in early development stages and does not yet have a director, but the story revolves around a father who moves in with his son and immediately starts feuding with his son’s fiancee, but that’s not the worst of it. The kicker is that all of this started when he moved in on the eve of their wedding day. Blerg.

I Hate You Dad was written by David Caspe, following a rewrite from David Wain and Ken Marino (the dudes who gave us Role Models and the upcoming Wanderlust).

Considering Sandler hasn’t made a truly funny movie since, well, Big Daddy (and sorry, Funny People was not funny, people), teaming up with a young up-and-comer like Samberg seems like a smart career move. Samberg is pretty much a reincarnation of Sandler’s SNL days, so their humor should work well together. Plus, they have the same initials, and you know, that’s gotta mean something.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter