Angelina Jolie Lands Role In ‘The Silver Lining Playbook’?

angelina jolieGo ahead and file this in never-going-to-happen: apparently David O. Russell, fresh off his latest dropped film (Uncharted, thankfully), has begun to court Angelina Jolie to appear in his latest soon-to-be-dropped-in-all-probability The Silver Lining Playbook. Just so you know this is a David O. Russell movie, Mark Wahlberg is already set to star. He’ll play a mentally unstable former teacher who is released from an institution to his mother. He figures the best way to go about things is to try and get his ex-wife back, only he thinks he’s been away a few months — but it’s really been four years.

Oh boy, where to begin with this one. First, Jolie would never take a part like this. She’s legitimately one of the biggest stars in the world and Marky Mark used to model underwear while Russell has a habit of calling his stars the C word. Second, do we really need another amnesia movie? Seriously, it’s one of the most overused tropes in cinema and such a cheap cop out. Whoops, I just forgot everything! How convenient!

Anyway, I also thought that The Fighter would be a cheap Rocky knock-off and do absolutely nothing in theaters and during the award season. Shows what I know.

Source: /Film