Angelina to Call It Quits?

It’s pretty difficult to try and take care of half a dozen kids — even if you’re not one of the biggest movie stars in the word!

But for Angelina Jolie, that juggling act is starting to become unmanageable, and she’s ready to choose her six-strong brood over her movie career.

Jolie told a BBC reporter of her plans, saying, “I don’t plan to keep acting very long, I’m ready to do a few things now and fade away and get ready to be a grandma one day.”

Fans shouldn’t be too worried about a complete stoppage just yet, as Jolie has previously made similar pledges to ‘fade away,’ and she didn’t get too specific as to when her acting days would come to an end — but it’s safe to say that she and partner Brad Pitt probably don’t have any financial need to keep a busy movie schedule.

Jolie went on to say: “So maybe it will be once a year and then maybe it will be once every three years, and then just naturally — I like being home a lot these days.”

The Oscar winner is currently starring in Clint Eastwood’s true-story drama Changeling and has a few projects in the works, potentially including a very long-rumored adaptation of Atlas Shrugged.

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