Animated Movies That Make Us Cry


ParaNormanYou could be the toughest, most thick-skinned, sociopathic Ultimate Fighting Hell’s Angel on the plane and you still wouldn’t be able to resist shedding a tear during that fateful moment in Bambi when the young deer happens upon his fallen mother. Like it or not, there are some animated movies that will always make us cry. There’s just something about the art of animation that really knows how to cut straight to the core with its audiences. And as embarrassing as this might be at times, it’s actually truly a blessing. 

ParaNorman comes out on Friday, inviting us all into the sweet, heart-wrenching tale of a “different” young boy who can speak to ghosts. Beyond being a fun supernatural ride, ParaNorman imparts some surprising and tear-inducing lessons about acceptance and bullying: it could be an instant classic.

It’s kind of reassuring to have a movie on the shelves that is guaranteed to make you cry. Whenever you feel like welling up might make you feel better but you just can’t get there, there are a few examples of animated flicks that are bound to give you that extra push. In honor of ParaNorman, Here’s a list of animated classics that will always, without fail, leave us with some tears.

Animated Movies That Make Us Cry