Anna Kendrick’s Set for ‘Glee’-ish Rom-Com ‘Pitch Perfect’

Anna Kendrick has been scaling the rock wall of fame. Probably most recognizable for her role as Jessica in Twilight, the actress has more recently expanded her notoriety to Elsewhere (in which she starred), Up in the Air, and the more-fun-than-skeeball movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Now, she’ll be headlining a romantic comedy called Pitch Perfect, which sounds a little like the Glee movie we may never see.

The film will be set at a college, at which Kendrick will play a gothy-type student. She, naturally, resents the fact that her father, yet to be cast, is a professor at the same school. Through a series of events and plausibly after a good deal of resistance, Kendrick’s character comes to be the star member of the campus a capella team.

Anna Kendrick is a winner in spades. This role in particular sounds perfectly suited for her: at her best, Kendrick is brazen, a little antisocial, and unflappable. And in this role, it is unlikely that we will see her become flapped whatsoever. Also starring in the film is Rebel Wilson, who you’ll recall as one of Kristen Wiig’s poorly chosen British roommates in Bridesmaids.

The film is based on a nonfiction novel by Mickey Rafkin that covered the high-stakes underworld of competitive a capella. If that turns you off, just remember: Anna Kendrick. She’s a hand grenade of talent.


Source: Comingsoon