Anne Hathaway As ‘Barbarella’?

SchwingFor those who don’t follow entertainment news on a perennial basis, there is a remake of the 1968 Jane Fonda vehicle Barbarella in the works . Now when we say in the works we mean that this reboot has been talked about for years, but currently has no director on board (both Robert Rodriguez and Robert Luketic flirted with the property for a spell before moving on). As of today, however, producers of the project do have one of the industry’s “it” girls “attached” to it.

2011’s Academy Awards co-host Anne Hathaway is reportedly in talks for the film. Is it easy to picture Hathaway as Barbarella? Of course. But does that mean this delightfully campy cult classic needs to be remade with one of the classiest and naturally elegant actresses working today? Yes. Yes it does. Because she can go from looking like this to looking like this. I rest my case. 

Source: ScreenRant