Another ’30 Minutes Or Less’ Red Band Trailer Debuts

You need to see this trailer for 30 Minutes or Less. I know it’s age restricted, but we’re cool, right? We can share secrets? The Internet Police aren’t checking the IDs too closely, so if you happen to say you were born on January 1, 1911 you won’t see a SWAT team outside your door.

Anyway, funny stuff happens in the trailer. Jesse Eisenberg is finally playing something different than the awkward kid next door (though most people will argue differently — those people also thought Michael Cera was playing the same character in Scott Pilgrim), the plot is explained a bit more thoroughly, and Aziz Ansari just absolutely destroys it. This movie looks like it might give Bridesmaids a run for funniest movie of 2011. Those two weeks in middle school where we worshiped the devil really were the best two weeks of my life.

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Source: Deadline