Watch the Trailer for Yet Another Justin Bieber Documentary!

Justin BieberWENN

Today, Justin Bieber released the trailer for his new documentary film Believe. Calm down, I know you’re excited, but prepare to be a bit disappointed. In the trailer below, we are shown that this film is basically a continuation of Never Say Never, the 2011 3D cinematic abomination that followed Bieber’s journey from YouTube sensation to real world fame. 

Okay, let’s break this down. In this trailer we get a slightly older Bieber who gives the typical rehearsed speech about following your dreams. Then, he basically explains all the crappy parts about being famous, but, of course, also how rewarding it is. Oh, and he says he has learned a lot, but, as we all know, Bieber has spent the last two weeks getting busted for various illegal acts, including graffiti vandalism, sleeping with a prostitute, and kicking an Argentinian flag, so forgive us Bieber, but we don’t exactly believe you. Nevertheless, Believe will hit theaters on Christmas Day, and we’re sure tweens around the world will be eagerly waiting in line, continuing to financially fuel the Bieber train(wreck).