Team Peeta vs. Team Gale: Which Side Are You On?

Team Peeta v Team GaleLionsgate

Katniss has plenty of huge problems in The Hunger Games, the most pressing of which is survival. But between shooting arrows and trying not to die in a fireball, there’s another problem Katniss has put on the backburner: romance.

In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Katniss’ romantic chickens are coming home to roost as she and fellow competitor Peeta have to pretend to be in love to avoid rocking the Capitol’s boat. But how is this going to sit with her lifelong friend and hunting partner Gale?

The Team Peeta versus Team Gale debate has viciously raged throughout the internet since the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy was released. So let’s take a look at the pro-con list for each of Katniss’ suitably attractive suitors.

Team Gale

Pro: He’s literally a Hemsworth.
Con: I know he’s the strong, silent type but he’s known her forever and he hasn’t made a move yet.
Pro: He’s manly and good at hunting.
Con: Can he ever really understand what Katniss went through in the games?
Pro: Gets along with her family.
Con: Has some anger management issues.
Pro: Did I mention the Hemsworth part?

Team Peeta

Pro: They were both in the Games, so he understands her.
Con: He’s not exactly great in a battle. His parents are bakers, after all.
Pro: He can paint himself into any disguise, especially as a rock. “Where’s Peeta?” your friends will ask. “Oh he’s just over there, disguised as our wallpaper.”
Con: Seriously, his power is makeup?
Pro: All the free pastries you want.
Con: All those pastries will be day-old.
Pro: He risked his life for Katniss in the Games.
Con: He’s not a Hemsworth.

Which side are you on? Sound off in the comments!