‘Argo’ and Other Movies So Unbelievable They Must Be True 

‘Argo’ and Other Movies So Unbelievable They Must Be True 

ALTThe only thing more unbelievable than the unparalleled Hollywood comeback of Ben Affleck is that his latest brilliant film, early major Oscar contender Argo, is based on true events. The film tells the real-life, previously classified story of a wild scheme only Hollywood could concoct to help six United States diplomats escape from Tehran during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979. It’s a story so outrageous that it makes perfect sense that Hollywood came up with it. 

Of course, some of the most unbelievable movies to come out of Hollywood have come from the real world. Whether it’s getting your arm trapped — and then amputating it on your own with a dull knife — in a Utah canyon, experiencing a haunting in Connecticut, living a double life in Iraq, or trying to keep your head above water in the Great Barrier Reef, some of the craziest, most jaw-dropping movies, like 127 Hours, A Haunting in Connecticut, The Devil’s Double, and Open Water are works of I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-fiction. 
Believe it or not, we picked Argo and some other films that are so unbelievable, they must be true. 

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