Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘The Last Stand’: Every Single Thing Gets Shot — TRAILER

Arnold SchwarzeneggerName a thing. Chances are, it gets shot in the new The Last Stand trailer. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a gun, and a badge, a short temper, and a friend with an ushanka (Johnny Knoxville). What he doesn’t seem to have is a bit of hesitation regarding taking down anybody who gets in the his way of his mission — which entails stopping an escaped convict from reaching the Mexican border.

While a two-minute trailer can easily maintain this degree of constant action, the final product of The Last Stand will likely have to pad its explosions with character moments between the members of its pretty enticing cast: Schwarzenegger, Knoxville, Genesis Rodriguez, Forest Whitaker, Harry Dean Stanton, and the great Luis Guzman. Add on one of South Korea’s premiere directors, Jee-woon Kim, and you have a package whose talent can’t be denied. Can the movie live up to Schwarzenegger’s legacy of standout action flicks? It does seem as though the film has a good sense of humor about its absurd uses of firearms and flammability; if this holds true, The Last Stand might be an incredibly fun turn for Schwarzenegger, who also has a great history of comedy to his name.

Check out the trailer below, and click over to Apple to see the HD version.


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