‘Arrested Development’ Movie in the Works ‘Right Now’ — Can We Predict the Story?

Arrested DevelopmentSam Urdank/Netflix

What are you doing right now?

Cleaning your apartment? Writing a term paper? Manufacturing a formula to eradicate all known human diseases? Pish-tosh! Whatever you’re up to, it doesn’t compare to the present undertaking of one Mitchell Hurwitz. For at this very second, the writer/producer is hard at work on the big screen story of a wealthy family who lost everything: the Arrested Development movie. “I’m working on the movie right now,” he tells Rolling Stone. “I can’t get into much more detail because I don’t want to scare anybody off.”

That remark might supply a bit of apprehension, considering the reaction with which Hurwitz’s Netflix season of Arrested was met. Not everybody was on board with the ambitious style of the string of episodes, nor the lack of ensemble scenes. But Hurwitz tells Rolling Stone that he believes people will come around to Season 4, just as they did with previous seasons:

“By now, many people have gone through the episodes again. They see the first episodes as the first chapters as opposed to the first episodes. People responding quickly to the first episodes was akin to reading a couple chapters of a book and saying, ‘I don’t like this.’ … When we originally did the show [people would] write things like, ‘Now they’re doing black puppets [Franklin]! They’ve ruined the show!’ It doesn’t matter what people like now. The first Monday after we aired on Sunday, they hated it. And then six months later, people would say, ‘Why don’t they do good shows like they did with Franklin?'”

So with hopes high that we’ll all come to recognize the latest AD as the same bit of genius as the old, what can we look forward to in terms of the movie? And will it take place after the already announced fifth season of the show? When we last left Michael Bluth, he was working on creating (and then sabotaging) a movie about the highly publicized scandals surrounding his family. He was also nursing a nasty punch to the face courtesy of his son, George Michael, after it was revealed that Michael had been dating George Michael’s girlfriend, Rebel Alley (Isla Fisher). Throw Tobias’ Fantastic Four musical, a roofie-laden relationship between GOB and fellow magician Tony Wonder, George Sr.’s identity crisis, Buster’s giant hand, and Lindsay’s forays with a face-blind activist and a giant ostrich, and you’ve got… a lot of things to sort out in this movie, or upcoming set of episodes. Not to mention what exactly happened to Lucille 2. But we believe in you, Mitch. Give us some happy to taste.

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