Ashton Kutcher in ‘jOBS’: Spot-On or Just Ashton Kutcher With Long Hair? — VIDEO

Ashton Kutcher in JobsWhen we heard that Ashton Kutcher would be cast to portray Steve Jobs in an independent biopic about the Apple founder, reactions were… mixed. While some of us had hope, many were moreover perplexed, wondering who in their right mind drew the connection between creative icon Jobs and the Two and a Half Men star.

Not helping matters was this image of a creepy Kutcher in character as the entrepreneur. And now, we have the first clip from the forthcoming film, stylistically titled jOBS… and it doesn’t exactly boost our confidence.

In the scene, Kutcher’s Jobs accosts a nebbishy Steve Wozniak (the always enjoyable Josh Gad), demanding that he pool his genius for computer engineering with Jobs’ business ambitions to create what would eventually become the phenomenon we know as Apple. But instead of Jobs, all we really see is Kutcher.

A down-played Michael Kelso (or up-played Walden Schmidt), Kutcher’s long-haired persona doesn’t really hearken the sensibilities or aurora of Jobs. As such, we’re simply treated to the same old Kutcher — the Kutcher from Valentine’s Day, No Strings Attached, and What Happens in Vegas — with a funky hairdo and a mess of big words.

But hey, the movie still might be an interesting watch. And if not, we have another one to look forward to

[Photo Credit: Open Road Films]


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