‘Assassin’s Creed’ Video Game Being Developed as a Movie

Assassin's CreedGames seem to be fertile ground for movie ideas these days. With many of the classic board games that are being developed currently, Battleship for instance, the subject matter is too simplistic to form an actual story, so producers use the setting of the game as a backdrop for a relevant action/adventure/romance. In the cases of video games, however, there is often far more to derive from than a basic theme. Especially if it’s one of those really good games that you’d come home late from a night out with friends and catch your college roommate (or, in my case, my college roommate’s college roommate) playing rigorously.

One of those games is next in line for film development: Assassin’s Creed. Apparently, Sony is interested in developing the science-fiction adventure game series as a feature film.
The story follows Desmond Miles (sort of a Christian Bale/Sam Worthington hybrid), a bartender and descendant of a great race of assassins. After being kidnapped by an evil corporation and rescued by a team of his own, Desmond accepts his fate as the only one capable of preventing the imminent foretold apocalypse of 2012.
Talks of an Assassin’s Creed movie are still in the earliest stages, so nothing in the vein of casting or crew will likely be assigned for some time. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul take the lead in this project. Then again, I would be fine with seeing him play just about anyone. That Jimi Hendrix biopic needs casting, doesn’t it?
Source: Variety