At the Green Line | 2016

A chronicle concerning conscientious objectors and active Israeli soldiers struggling to reconcile their roles as occupiers.
Director: Jesse Atlas
Writers: N/A
Stars: N/A


Since January 2002, the "Courage to Refuse" movement has been growing steadily with the conviction that "the commands issued to us in the Occupied Territories destroy all the values we were raised upon." Today, the movement numbers over 600 high ranking soldiers and officers. Military service in Israel is mandatory, and this act of refusal is considered treason by a society who sees no other alternative to protecting their families and their country. Filmmaker profiles several "courage to refuse" ex-soldiers, as well as Israeli Army reservists, as each side wrestles with the effectiveness and morality of their respective choices, and the front lines of the conflict: night patrols in the Gaza strip, suicide bombings, targeted assassinations, checkpoints, the separation fence, and the fear--and the tension--that permeates day to day existence in Israel. Explores the large grey areas of this seemingly black and white issue, as both refusers and soldiers attempt to break free from an endless cycle of violence.